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Canvas Canopies Australia

According to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia 11.9 million caravan and camping trips were enjoyed last year. In fact, the caravan industry alone in Australia is worth 19 billion USD!

We have a beautiful country and every year locals and international visitors begin to explore its secrets in the most exhilarating and intimate way possible. But the landscape commands respect. While Australia is undoubtedly vast and stunning, it has the potential for immense danger: wildlife poses a constant risk and taking a wrong turn can put inexperienced campers in a tough spot.

This is why every experienced camper invests in equipment that can spell the difference between a calm and fulfilling trip and one laden with danger. Tents, swags and other canvas goods are essential and they need to be relied upon for shelter and protection from Australia’s wildlife and the elements.


The Canvas Canopy You’ve Been Looking For

At Southern Cross Canvas Products we have been supporting Australia’s daring adventurers with the highest-quality canvas products on the market for over 35 years. Ian Dix founded the company to address the lack of quality canvas products and we have since grown to become one of the most well-known and respected companies in the business.

Here is why.

Australian Made

All of our products are made in Australia using Australian canvas. We make no sacrifices when it comes to the quality of our canvas products and constantly strive for perfection. This is why many of the first items we sold 35 years ago are still in use!

We take great pride in where we are from and we know the country well. This is why our products – unlike those from foreign retailers – are designed specifically to endure Australia’s intense and unique conditions.

A Family Business

Our products are infused with our passion. We are a family operation spanning two generations and in that time we’ve picked up a range of understanding that can only come with experience. Because we are a family business, you can rest assured that your products are designed and built by people that care.

Talented Staff

Speaking about the people, our team is incredibly talented. All the way from design to manufacturing our team is obsessed with producing the best possible quality product for our customers. And we succeed. We have been told that our canvas items are often the last items left standing after many years of use!

Get a Custom Canvas Canopy Made to Order

We have a range of items where the dimensions and specifications are set. But we are also flexible and love taking on new challenges. This is why we offer custom-made products to our customers. If you have a specific idea or need we would love to hear it and see your idea realised.

Southern Cross Canvas offers high quality Swags, Canvas Tents, UTE Camping Canopies, Cabin Tents, Camper Trailer Tents, Canvas Annex, Caravan Annex & many more Australian made canvas products at best prices. We are approachable and offer friendly, constructive service. You can get in touch with us today by giving us a call or sending a message through our website. We’ll get straight back to you.

Happy camping!

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