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UTE Tents

If you have a Ute, you already know how invaluable that extra space can be – whether you are a farmer, live in the countryside, or just want to get out and about with room to spare. But what if you could transform the back of your vehicle into a place to spend the night when you are out and about? That is where a ute tent is the perfect solution, and here at Southern Cross Canvas, we are the experts in creating the perfect set up – for you and your ute.

For more than 35 years, Southern Cross Canvas has been at the forefront of design and innovation, creating premium, high-quality products suitable for the outdoor, four-wheel driving and camping lifestyle. We know that life is best lived in the open air, sleeping under the stars, and enjoying the best of what the Australian countryside can offer. We are the most well-known and respected tent company in Australia, setting the standard for quality products, impressive service and perfectionist workmanship in our family-owned and operated business.

That is why if you are looking for a ute tent in Australia, choosing Southern Cross Canvas is the best option for you – not only do we have a huge range of ‘off the shelf’ options, but we are also specialists in custom designs so we can create something that fits your ute perfectly. Read More

Why You Need a Ute Tent

Utes are no longer just a tradies vehicle, used to cart around the tools of the trade. Now, utes are multifunctional vehicles, providing off-road fun for everyone – and they can be so much more, too. You might not have considered the possibility of turning your ute into the ultimate camping accessory, but with the right ute tent from Southern Cross Canvas, your outdoor life is about to become so much more satisfying.

But what makes finding a ute tent for sale such a great investment?

Firstly, you don’t need to be tied down to finding a suitable spot to pitch a tent. The ute tent is already with your vehicle – so all you need to do is erect it! This also means that because you are sleeping in the back of the vehicle, you do not need to pay too much mind to the ground –which means less damp, less dirt, and less chance of unwelcome visitors getting in. If your ute is level, the ground is much less of a problem, so you can pitch up at the side of the trail, or on the side of a mountain.

What could be better than an easy to put up (and pack away) tent? If the weather is playing havoc with your camping plans, then a tent that can be easily erected despite the wind and rain will make it much simpler and quicker for you to be protected from the elements – and with Southern Cross Canvas you can rest assured that your tent offers the ultimate in protection. UV 50+ rated, waterproof, tear-resistant with innovative design details, you can be sure that buying a ute tent online in Australia can keep you safe.

With the knowledge that we have about camping here at Southern Cross Canvas (we are all major camping enthusiasts, after all), you know that you will be in safe hands when you choose a ute tent for sale from our friendly team. We are the market leaders in Australian-made canvas products – so we know what works, on the ground or in the back of your ute.

Ute Tents from Southern Cross Canvas

We create canvas canopies to suit a wide range of vehicles and can create custom designs using the knowledge we have gained from decades of experience. Combine that with high-quality materials and workmanship, and you can turn your ute into the ultimate travel vehicle – protecting your gear on the move, and somewhere comfortable to sleep when you stop.

Choose the best ute tent in Australia from Southern Cross Canvas and find out how your travelling experience can become more comfortable and more convenient.

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