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Caravan Awning Replacement

If you have a caravan, an awning can make the space you have available so much more usable – and if you need a caravan awning replacement then Southern Cross Canvas have you covered.

For more than 35 years, we have been putting our enthusiasm and expertise in all things camping-related into creating the perfect tents and accessories made for the outdoor and travelling lifestyle. Our effective and innovative products are designed to withstand the often-harsh environment in our beloved Australia – and with the right care and maintenance, they will also stand the test of time. 

Getting a replacement awning for your caravan from Southern Cross Canvas means you can take advantage of not only our knowledge and experience but also take advantage of the properties of our favourite material – canvas.

Why Choose Canvas for a Caravan Awning Replacement?

Canvas awning replacement is a great choice for your caravan – this wonder material is perfect for the outdoors for so many reasons.

We source our canvas from Wax Converters, an Australian company based in NSW. The canvas we use is a light-medium weight blend of polyester and cotton that is tightly constructed to make it strong, sturdy and waterproof (once weathered). This canvas is designed specifically for high-quality manufacturing – so it makes sense that we use it when we are crafting a caravan awning replacement.

Canvas is a simple material, needing only basic preparation and maintenance to last a lifetime. With your canvas awning replacement, you need to weather it before use – by soaking it in water and allowing it to dry. This makes the canvas and cotton thread swell to fill stitching holes, effectively sealing the canvas. To keep it looking great and working effectively, just make sure you are not storing it while it is damp.

Our canvas has a UV rating of 50+ which means that it can protect you from the worst of the sun’s damage – so you can be outside even in the heat of summer in comfort. Of course, the waterproof nature of our canvas means that you can still be outside even if it is raining!

Strong and shrink proof, mould, and mildew resistant, and available in a wide range of colours, canvas awning replacement is the best way to upgrade your caravan.

Southern Cross Canvas – the Home of Custom Design and Repair

We love being able to turn our knowledge and experience into a custom project – so if you don’t see something that is perfect for you, why not challenge us to create it? We have the innovation and creative prowess that you can trust for the perfect solution.

Of course, if you are looking for a caravan awning replacement, don’t forget that we also offer professional repair services – everything from zips to stitching and panel replacements. It could be that the awning doesn’t need a complete replacement, so it is always worth contacting the team to see if we can repair it first.

Contact Southern Cross Canvas today and find the right caravan awning replacement in Australia for your needs.

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