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Southern Cross Canvas manufacture a vast range of different style’s of tents to suit numerous applications ranging from your quick and and easy to use, touring style tents through to your cabin style tents. Renowned for manufacturing canvas tents and products to the highest standards of quality and workmanship, you are sure to find a canvas tent to suit your requirements, and offer years of hassle-free camping. They are also specialist in manufacturing custom work also. So if there is not a products to suit your requirements do not hesitate to contact them to discuss the possibilities. Read More

So, you are looking for tents for sale? You have come to the right place.

Here at Southern Cross Canvas, we have invested more than 35 years of knowledge, experience, and expertise to create a huge range of quality canvas products that are made for the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you love to be on the open road travelling through Australia, or you love for the off-road four-wheel drive adventures, then we have the perfect camping tents for sale.

Our family-owned and operated business set the standard for quality – Australian-made and manufactured products with unique and stringent processes combined with innovative designs make us one of the most well-known companies. We are respected not only for our outstanding tents for sale but also because we offer a level of service so much higher than anyone else. We are camping enthusiasts, our heart is in the open country, and we specialise in solving your canvas problems in a way that makes the most sense for you as an individual.

Whatever your canvas needs, we have the best tents for sale in Australia – come and discover what Southern Cross Canvas have in store for you.

What Type of Tent?

This is a great question and one that you need to consider while you are looking at tents for sale in Australia. How many people are going to be using it? Do you want to be able to pitch for more than one night? Are you looking to convert a trailer into a camper? What about your ute – can you repurpose that into a great place to camp?

With Southern Cross Canvas, every option is available – so check them out below:

  • Touring Style:

These tents are typically simple to erect and pack away, and fold down nice and small to make them easy to transport. Suitable for a couple (like the Ultimate 9) or for a larger group (Ultimate Trekker), these are more traditional looking and great tents for sale, remaining popular.

  • Cabin Style:

Perfect for longer-term stays, cabin style tents offer roomy options for the whole family. Still simple to put up and pack away, they are more like a cabin than a tent.

  • Camper Trailers

More efficient than a campervan, and in some cases more useful than a tent that needs to be erected on the ground, camper trailer tents offer a unique way to keep moving and still enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep

  • Ute canopies

The back of your ute can transform from a luggage compartment to a place to stay – keeping you off the ground, comfortable and cosy while you enjoy the four-wheel drive life.

  • Swags

The swag is a great option for those that need ultimate transportability, and really want to get close to nature. When the weather is good, you can sleep right under the stars – but if it isn’t, you will be safe and dry thanks to the well-constructed canvas shell.

Why Choose Southern Cross Canvas To Buy Tents in Australia

Canvas tents for sale are a hardwearing option, designed to withstand even the harshest of weather that the Australian climate can deliver. Waterproof, tear resistant and low shrinkage, a canvas tent from Southern Cross Canvas will last a lifetime.

If the huge range of available options is not enough, we can also use our expertise to build a custom camping solution for you. Available in small- and large-scale quantities, our team can make your canvas dreams come true – as we did for the Australian Defence Force.

Find the best tents for sale at Southern Cross Canvas – contact us today.

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