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Repair Work - Southern Cross Canvas Products

Southern Cross Canvas offer a vast range of repair,alterations and replacement services of a vast range of products. Ranging from camper trailer canvas repairs and replacement right through to small tent zipper repairs.

Southern Cross Canvas has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of repairs. As with all our products we use only the best materials in the repair and manufacture of replacement items.

So do not hesitate to contact them to discuss what your requirements are, no matter how small or trivial.

Listed below is a small sample of what they can repair 

  • zipper/runner replacement
  • floor repairs ranging from patching through to full replacement
  • flywire replacement
  • wall and roof patching through to panel replacements
  • new additional window/doors
  • tonneau cover zips repairs through to full replacement of tonneau
  • re-enforcing of high stress areas
  • full canvas/vinyl replacements of Hard Floor Trailers, Soft Floor Trailers, Pop-Tops and Jayco Camper trailers
  • re-stitching of deteriorating/fraying stitching
  •  stone guard alterations/repairs

Southern Cross Canvas will be more than happy to guide and assist you in your requirements. 


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