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Heavy Duty Canvas Tents

Here at Southern Cross Canvas, we are real camping enthusiasts who have put all our expertise into creating a wide range of canvas tents in Australia that are designed with the highest level of innovation and knowledge.

Our founder, Ian Dix, created Southern Cross Canvas when he realised that there were limited options for his family when it came to high-quality tents. Now, for more than 35 years, Southern Cross Canvas has become the benchmark for the highest quality materials, world leading service and workmanship that is our trademark.

With so many manufacturers claiming that they have the best heavy duty canvas tents for sale, choosing the perfect one for your family can be a complicated decision. We have a carefully created range of options – so we are confident that you can find exactly what you need right here with Southern Cross Canvas.

The Ultimate Range – Probably the Best Heavy Duty Canvas Tents in Australia

Tents from our Ultimate range are more than just a well-designed option – they are carefully constructed and designed tents that have several applications. Australian-made canvas from Wax Converters has a light to medium weight, tightly constructed polyester and cotton blend that is specifically designed for higher quality tents – and that is why we have chosen their Billabong canvas. Each Ultimate canvas tent comes in khaki green and beige, although other colours are available as custom orders.

For a small, light, and easy to erect (and pack away) tent, the Ultimate 9 is a great choice. Sleeping 2-4 comfortably, it is a great touring tent that packs away nice and small to make it easy to carry around.

If you need something a little bigger – for the whole family, for example – then the Ultimate Trekker sleeps up to 6 people. This canvas tent is the perfect balance of size and ease of set up – comfortable for long term use, yet packs into a bag that is small and light enough to be easily transportable.

The Ultimate range features low shrinkage, a high tear strength and a higher waterhead (waterproofing) rating canvas, and with a storage loft as an additional option as well as power lead inlet flaps, it is perfect for use by the weekend warrior or the full nomad lifestyle. Read More

Protecting Your Heavy Duty Canvas Tents

Not only do we have a wide range of canvas tents for sale, but we also have an even wider range of experience in looking after canvas to make sure it remains waterproof and as good as new – and last a lifetime.

The first step when you have bought your canvas tent is to weather or season it. This can be achieved by completely soaking the canvas tent using a hose, and then allowing it to dry completely. After repeating this process, a minimum of three times means that the canvas itself and the cotton stitching will swell to fill any stitching holes; effectively sealing and completely waterproofing the tent.

We have customers that have maintained their Southern Cross Canvas tent for more than 30 years – and it is simple for you to achieve that with yours too. Just be sure that the canvas is completely dry before packing it away and store off the ground somewhere dry and cool (like a shelf in a garage, for example).

You too can enjoy the great outdoors with heavy duty canvas tents for sale in Australia from Southern Cross Canvas – and have the perfect tent to keep you and your family safe, comfortable, and dry through even the most difficult weather.

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