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Caravan Annex Walls

We are so fortunate to live in such a gorgeous country; a country so big, diverse and spectacular that it’s also its own continent. A whole continent that we can spend a lifetime traversing! In Australia, there are just endless places to see and explore. Ceaseless adventures, limitless starry nights and sandy drives all await you!

However, whether you’re a seasoned camper, avid escapist or simply a rookie raring to go, you will need appropriate gear to ensure your trips are a success. That’s where we come in, here at Southern Cross Canvas, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your outdoor canvas needs.

Why Buy Caravan Annex Walls?

The Australian climate is renowned for its extremity, whether it be blizzards, rain or shine, the weather hits our land hard. Therefore, when planning a caravan venture, it’s vital that you adequately prepare yourself. Having annex walls is a great way to protect yourself from strong, direct sunlight or break down blistering winds.

What’s more, they mark out a cosy space for you to enjoy the outdoors and their lightweight feel will create an airy atmosphere whilst also shielding you from the elements.

It will mean that you and your friends and family can stretch out, sit back and relax in your own little corner of nature. Annexe walls for caravans are essentially a portable extension that you can take wherever you go! They’re easy to manoeuvre around with you and are super quick to unravel, meaning that you’ll have a hassle-free set up. A ready to go, cool and shady space that will elevate your caravanning experience.

As well as all the above points, there’s also the fact that our sturdy and durable canvas material is incredibly long lasting so you can have many action-packed days and nights with our products which will accumulate to years and years of use. One less worry when planning your endeavours!

South Cross Canvas’s Annex Walls for Caravans Are 100% Australian Made

It’s been our trademark for over three decades and we’re proud to do all our business at home. We stay true to our roots because we’re a close knit, family-run company with a passion for Australian adventuring. We came about to fill gaps in the market, so that keen outdoor enthusiasts like ourselves, can have everything they need to scour every end of our country.

Caravans are the cornerstones to camping holidays. Vehicles that carry many unforgettable memories, nostalgic bliss and traces of land well roamed. When you select our accessories such as our annexes, you’re choosing a real home-grown product that is built especially for our climate, landscapes and terrains. If you’re interested in our caravan annex walls or any other caravan gear, feel free to contact us with your questions by enquiring on our website or call for a friendly chat with one of our dedicated team members. Remember to sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with all our latest too!

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