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Replacement Camper Trailer Tent

If you are a convert to the free lifestyle that camping can give, you probably have already discovered the wonders of camper trailer tents. If it is time for an upgrade, or you are looking for a replacement camper trailer tent then you need to see what is on offer from Southern Cross Canvas.

For more than 35 years, here at Southern Cross Canvas we have been innovating and designing the absolute best in tents and accessories for the outdoors life – making a vast range of products specifically to withstand the often-harsh weather conditions here in Australia. We choose the absolute best in local materials where possible, and our Australian owned and operated business has truly set the standard for quality, service, and workmanship.

To find the right camper trailer tent replacement to suit your needs, you need to have a good idea of your personal requirements – the ‘must haves’ that make the upgrade to premium canvas products worth the effort.

What Makes the Best Replacement Camper Trailer Tent?

Every person has individual requirements of their camper trailer tent, but there are some considerations that you need to make when you are going to replace your camper trailer tent. The first is the material that is used.

For the best tents, finding a material that is tough, waterproof, and easy to maintain will make your outdoor life so much easier – and here at Southern Cross Canvas, we work with Wax Converters, an NSW-based company that produces the best quality canvas that is tightly constructed to have the best waterhead (waterproofing) rating. Replacement camper trailer tents need to be able to withstand the very harshest of weather conditions, and with the correct weathering and maintenance, our camper trailer tents will last a lifetime.

Next, you need to think about the trailer, too. Does it need to have a vinyl floor, or has your trailer already been converted in the bottom? Full vinyl floor replacements of camper trailer tents can offer a new lease of life to your trailer – more comfortable, more waterproof, and way more secure.

For all the other ‘extras’, a lot will depend on how you choose to use your camper trailer tent. Are you a weekend warrior that likes to escape the big city once every couple of months or are you a hardcore traveller that is on the road more often than not? Whatever your usual camping style, you will know what you need from a replacement camper trailer tent, and that will help you to decide

Choosing your own custom design can ensure that you have the best of our knowledge and experience – in the way that works best for you – whatever lifestyle you choose.

Do You Need A Replacement Camper Trailer Tent?

When we say that we are experts in all thing’s canvas, that also includes repairs. This means that if you are looking for the best replacement camper trailer tent, you might not need to replace it.

We can offer repairs and alterations, and even just panel replacements. From zipper repairs to restitching, patching, and replacing floor panels, walls, and roofs. We can look at full canvas and vinyl replacements for hard and soft floor trailers, pop ups and Jayco camper trailers – as well as little spot repairs.

To find out if you can avoid a full replacement of your camper trailer tent, contact our expert team so we can discuss what needs to be done and find out what would be the most cost effective and efficient way to get you back out on the road again.

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