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Single Canvas Swags

Southern Cross Canvas have been manufacturing Australia’s leading range of premium Australian made canvas goods for 35 years and continue to do so. Their swag range is no exception.

There are three different styles in numerous sizes available, apart of their range. You will be able to find a swag to suit your requirements. Also having the flexibility to custom manufacture the possibilities are endless.

Southern Cross Canvas have refined and continued to develop their range of swag’s into the sensational and epic swag range that it is today.

With its unique design features combined with the quality Australian made canvas, materials and highly skilled workmanship it has become an iconic swag range and revered by many, many satisfied customers of Southern Cross Canvas over the years.

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Stay Safe, Dry and Comfortable with a Canvas Swag

Since the early days of Australia, many adventurers have turned to swags as the default sheltering option whether they were in the bush or travelling along Australia’s wonderful coastline.

Bushrangers and “swagmen” have played an important role in Australia’s cultural imagination. The idea of freedom and putting your head down to rest wherever you may feel like it still remains attractive to this day. This is why so many people enjoy camping and exploring Australia – the feeling of sense and liberation.

The single canvas swag captures this movement. Rolled up for convenience the humble swag can be unrolled and packed away quickly, letting the traveller disappear as quickly as they appeared. It’s also an intimate way to explore the wilderness.

There is a huge distance between quality swags and terrible swags though. While they are a symbol of freedom they need to be functional: they need to keep their users safe, dry and comfortable.

Here is how our swags achieve this over the years.

Impeccable Quality

Simply put, our swags are the best because they use the best materials and they are assembled by the best experts in the industry. We never use anything other than Australian canvas. This means that our products have a guaranteed level of quality and that they outlast other alternatives on the market.

In fact, our customers regularly say to use that their swag has outlasted all of their other equipment! This is high praise given the challenging conditions that pervade throughout Australia. But that’s another part of our offering – we are from Australia and we understand the specific challenges that the environment here poses.

Unparalleled Comfort

When it comes to a single canvas swag Australia is the perfect place to use it. It is the perfect way to get some rest during an excursion. If it’s uncomfortable or fails to keep its user safe, dry and comfortable, then it has failed. We see so many swags that fail at maintaining these three core qualities. In fact, that’s why Ian Dix founded our company over 35 years ago – he realised that there wasn’t a high-quality product out there on the market.

Our swags are built with the user in mind. This is why they offer unparalleled comfort and make for the perfect reprieve from Australia’s rugged outback.

A Family Business

We believe that a large part of our success comes down to the fact we are a family business. Common values are shared throughout our business and these mean that we do everything with a common vision. Our objective is to create the best possible products and everyone is contributing to that goal every day.

In fact, our business was started 35 years ago and has since passed from one generation to the next. This means that all of the tricks and skills learned along the way haven’t been lost but help us to keep pushing the boundaries of quality each day.

An Unrelenting Focus on Satisfaction

Above all else, our priority is on the satisfaction of our customers. They are the reason that we focus so much on offering quality and a superior product. When our customers are happy, we are happy.

Southern Cross Canvas offers high quality Swags, Canvas Tents, UTE Camping Canopies, Cabin Tents, Camper Trailer Tents, Canvas Annex, Caravan Annex & many more Australian made canvas products at best prices.

If you are thinking of upgrading your single swag or buying the best the first time you buy, be sure to check out our products on our website. You can find detailed descriptions and specifications for each of our swags.

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